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The golf swing is like a well oiled machine. Every machine has parts and your golf clubs are the parts to your swing. Making sure you have your clubs in the best working order is huge in giving yourself your best chance to play well. Below are some of the work we can do on your clubs.


Having grips that are either too big/small for your hands or in poor condition can be detrimental to your game. We can consult you on the best grips to suit you and re-grip your clubs. We have the top Grip Brands in stock such as:

  • Golf Pride
  • Lamkin
  • Superstroke
  • Evnroll


Similar to grips, having the wrong shafts or alternatively the right shafts but in the wrong length can hinder your game dramatically. At Concept Golf we can talk this through with you and either find and fit the right shafts for you or alter your existing shafts to perform exactly as you need them to.

Wedge Stamping

If you are looking to spice up the appearance of your wedges we have the tools to get you there. Whether it be your name, the name of someone else, a catch phrase or a design, we can do it. Paint infills also available

Club Swing Weighting

Swing weight is how heavy a golf club feels when you swing it. The swing weight of a club is measured using 4 factor which are club head weight, shaft weight, grip weight and club length. For many golfers Swing Weight is not even a concern but for golfers who really want to dial in and refine their equipment, Swing Weighting one's clubs can elevate your feel and performance to the next level.

Loft and Lie Check

Both the Loft and Lie of your golf clubs are hugely important to their overall performance. Having the correct loft can help ball flight and the correct Lie will assist in better turf interaction and club face path at impact. 

To book in for any of the above work please contact or call us on 0877792928

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